As you might be aware here at Caviar Feeling, we like to focus our efforts on a healthy diet, conscious decisions, clean beauty, and wellness routines. For this new year, we’re making great skin a priority — Consumers are more interested in being educated about what they are putting on their skin than ever before, and the industry is taking note — and thanks to the pandemic, skin experts and brands are predicting a shift in the current beauty trends and the way customer shop skin care products and look after the skin in the upcoming year so we wanted to share with you the five skin care trends 2021 will bring along.

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This is the year for clean beauty because less is more and we are into skin care — much more than makeup — but now we are taking the latest skin care trends to the next level. While 2020 brought us a new skin concept (hi maskne) serious hand-washing and the introduction of plant-based alternatives expert skin therapist Robyn McAlpine gave the CF team five of the biggest skin care trends for 2021 –

For the moment that’s just what we know so far about. From innovative bespoke beauty and sustainable skincare, keep these five skin-care trends that Robyn McAlpine and the CF team preside in skin care trends 2021 for the most luminous, healthy complexion. skincare trends 2021

1. Bespoke Beauty skin care trends 2021

Will always be on-trend! More and more skin care ranges are moving into customised skin care but no-one does it better than Dermaviduals- for active ingredients perfectly customised to your skin condition, with skin physiological compounds it is absolutely the rolls Royce of bespoke skin care products! 

2. Non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

Skin is not a construction site. It doesn’t need to be knocked down and rebuilt! Think you can’t get results without creating a little skin trauma? I challenge that and raise you to Qi Beauty- developed in Australia and loved by celebs like Margot Robbie, Qi beauty is on the rise in 2021- working with our bodies own energy meridians to add natural volume, diminish lines, hydrate and restore skin health, this gold plated static magnetic treatment is popping up all over the country and I am here for it! 

3. Less is more

Gone are the days of the glamorised bathroom ‘shelfie’ bursting with luxury skincare as a status symbol (Trust me, your skin is not as impressed as your Instagram followers might be!) Pairing back skincare to simple, yet effective routines is a trend that needs to come back and stay for good. Skin as an organ doesn’t need a 10-step skincare routine or a cocktail of cult ‘must have’s’. It needs barrier support, antioxidants, and sun protection! Everything else is just a distraction!  skincare trends 2021

4. Sustainable skin care

The hottest topic and the most relevant. But it’s not just about the packaging. It’s time we took a closer look at the ingredients that wash off our skin, down the shower drain, and into our environment. Silicones, preservatives, mineral oils, microplastics. We need to be more responsible with the bi-product of our addiction to skin care. All of these things end up in waterways and are foreign to the environment in which they land. It’s time to expand our consciousness beyond the packaging. It’s what’s inside that also counts. trendy skin care ingredients

5. SPF

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again! Sunscreen will ALWAYS be on-trend. The number one anti-aging product in your skin care regime. Without it, all other skin care efforts are wasted and you might as well flush your beauty budget down the toilet! UV radiation eats baby collagen for breakfast! If you’re working hard to promote collagen production and keep your skin healthy sun protection is VITAL!!! skin care trends 2021 skin care trends 2021 skin care trends 2021 skin care trends 2021skincare trends 2021

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