Let’s face it, one of the funniest parts of V’day is the preparation and having the skin sun-warmed, fresher, glowy and flush is especially appealing when a special day is around the corner. Whether you are in the middle of your detox plan or in front of your laptop on a hectic journey, we’ve got some beauty tips for how to sweeten the celebration.


Deliver to your skin the benefits of physical but gentle exfoliation and reveal a healthier-looking, softer, and smoother finish (ready for the occasion) with the Renew Scrub 〰️ Coconut and Vanilla Body Scrub from Cedar & Stone. Their botanical properties and the heavenly smell is all you want to start prepping the night.

Self Tanner

This divine tanning from Sunescape is a dream to apply. It foams into a thick hydrating mousse that sinks right into the skin when applied. The quick-dry formula enriched with macadamia nut, avocado and coconut oils moisturizes skin while it does the work. Say no to the dangerous UVA and dress up to impress your date with a natural golden tone.

Luscious Glow

Luminate your legs, shoulders and décolletage for the occasion with, The Gypsy Oil Shimmer. Nourish and give the skin some serious get up & glow!

Thanks to the infused oils of Neroli, Prickly Pear, Camellia and Apricot that work together for a sexy dewiness.

Masking for an Instant pick-me-up

Every now and then we need a little help in the glow department, especially if you want to prep the skin for a magic occasion. This Anti-ageing face mask from D’Lumiere Esthétique is ideal for an instant glow.

Glow Elixir

Exfoliate and brighten skin with an ultimate resurfacing treatment to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. The Liquid Gold powerful ingredients give you a natural glow right after your senses awaken.

Dewy – Skin Mist

From pure essential oils to plant extracts, this Refreshing Rosemary Facial Mist not only cleanses and tones your skin, but it also helps to calm and lift the spirit, getting you ready for the awaited date all thanks to their gorgeous and organic ingredients.

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