• Ana Freitas

The New Cult of the Skin Elixir: The Alchemist's Garden

If you go clean and nontoxic with nothing else in your daily beauty routine, make the shift to this transparent brand. The Alchemist's Garden products are made without hormone -disrupting chemicals, irritants or allergens that chemical formulas commonly contain.

I try it for two weeks and the yin-yang concept makes perfect sense with their two products that complement each other perfectly. The essence dies out instantly into your skin (which is simply the actual smell of the ingredients themselves) feels incredibly gentle on, right after. The glow you get immediately is impressive and of itself, but the long-term benefits are the key to keep going using these products, at least once a day, if not twice.

Ana's words.

Luxury live-plant ingredients in two little bottles and most of all, the luxury of loving your own skin without the need of having ten beauty steps to go through.

The Radiant Elixir is like a layer of love for your skin, it feels lightweight and creates a glowing finish. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and plant extract ingredients, fight free radical while also hydrating, plumping the skin and helping to control oiliness and breakouts.

Clarify and calm skin with their nourishing clay mask that instantly brightens and softens skin to reveal this desire smoother-looking complexion. It feels incredible going-on and left the skin dewy, firm and super hydrated. In some way, detoxifying improves the tone and texture and giving firmness all in one, after you'll try this combo it'll become your new clean & easy, go-to beauty heaven.

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