As beauty and wellness enthusiasts at Caviar Feeling, we are always looking to try and test the latest that the beauty market has to offer. This time one of the CF girls had the opportunity to head over to Cryospa Clinics and experience 45 minutes in the salt room therapy.

As Ana said, you are basically walking across a salt-covered floor to get to your comfy and beautiful chair and everything is coated in fine, salty dust (including yourself after a few minutes inside the room) Then you lay down, relax and breath while the “halogenerator” machine pumping atomized salt particles into the air which you breathe in. The result? The salt helps you with inflammations and mucus so your body can get rid of them easier, it also can improve immune, cardiovascular and endocrine systems plus you’ll feel so relaxed when you’ll walk out.

We are big believers in aiding the body with healing. And in this busy day and age, we must all take extra care of our wellness to live happy and healthy lives. The Cryospa team says.

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy as its name mention involves sitting in a room that mimics a real Himalayan salt cave which allows the participant to breathe in salty air for a certain period of time (usually a minimum of thirty minutes). There are many potential benefits to doing this regularly such as improved respiratory issues, improved skin conditions, decreased stress, and an increase in sleep quality.

At Cryospa Clinics, (salt room sydney) they specifically use a nebulizer (think kids with asthma) with a medical-grade saline solution to disperse salt-infused water molecules into the air which are then breathed into the respiratory tract and lungs to help expel any unwanted bacteria and mucus. 

salt room

What does a salt room do for you?

On top of this, the Cryospa salt rooms have an added benefit to general clinics, remember those days when we used to go partying and the rooms turned into colorful environments? That’s how you’ll feel getting into a Cryospa room, as they’ve added a form of chromotherapy that uses the wavelength of color light to positively alter the biochemistry of the body to promote deep healing. While this is traditionally used in conjunction with saunas, they have decided to merge both practices for an extra boost of wellness.

4 Salt Therapy Benefits

1. Improved Respiratory Issues

One of the most common reasons why people go about experimenting with a salt room is because they are experiencing a respiratory issue. This may be in the form of asthma, chronic bronchitis, or something else along these lines that is getting in the way of their day to day life. Whatever the case may be, many users will find benefit as the salt particles can absorb irritants from the respiratory system and as mentioned above, are able to aid with moving mucus. 

2. Improved Skin Conditions

Another common reason why people may be seeking this kind of service is that they are experiencing a particular skin condition. This can include: eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, and rosacea, and once again the dry salt particles are able to absorb bacteria that may be causing the problem. Furthermore, the salt can also promote cell regeneration and exfoliation which makes room for healthy cells to grow. 

3. Lowering Stress

In these crazy times, most people will take stress relief wherever they are able to get it. Not only is sitting in a salt room is great for this, as people get to have a break from their phone and can use this time as almost a meditation of sorts, salt is also said to produce negatively charged ions which may aid with increasing serotonin. This, in turn, can help with promoting a good night’s rest which can positively impact other areas of one’s life.   

4. Supplementing Minerals

When people regularly participate in 45-minute sessions, our salt rooms may be able to deliver valuable minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and bromine. And this can be truly beneficial as many essential minerals are depleted in these modern times due to chronic stress and the usage of pesticides that strip minerals from the soil. 

Why Chromotherapy?

As we mentioned before, at Cryospa they wanted to take the salt room therapy one step further by adding chemotherapy into their practices. But, what’s the reason behind this?

Many different benefits can be experienced with chromotherapy including skin rejuvenation, improved sleep, and stabilizing our mood. A lot of people use this service as a way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (our beloved LED masks), whereas others simply enjoy the calmness that it promotes. As one could imagine, this coupled with the salt room can be a potent mix for overall wellbeing. 

In conclusion, there are many different potential benefits to salt room usage, especially when this is paired with chromotherapy. And with no known side effects, it is safe to say that salt therapy is worth experimenting with for those who are looking to promote their wellness. If former singer of Hi-Five Casey Burgess prays to it, you should give it a chance, no?

I have been singing and performing for over 10 years and have struggled with having nodules and asthma issues now with the bushfire smoke – I discovered the Himalayan salt room at Cryospa and have been blown away with how much it has helped –  I can feel it helping open up my airways and sinus and overnight I have had amazing results. I feel clearer – calmer, and I also find the chromotherapy help with relaxing as I really struggle with meditation and being still, I genuinely feel calm, relaxed, and much clearer”.

How often should you use a salt room?

If who want to incorporate salt therapy into your regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session.

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