• Ana Freitas

Meet Ana and Her Summer Morning Routine

Updated: Feb 24

I am a morning person, I love to wake up early and make the most out of my day. Assign me something to do in the morning and I will get it done, unfortunately from 5.00 pm onwards it will get done next day… Talking about mornings, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day I love my avocado toast during the week and healthy bowls during the weekend, especially those from Little Jean or Bake Bar which I normally frequent in Sydney (some eggs, some veggies some bread and so much happiness)

I became a coffee lover in the past few years, it helps me a lot mentally and physically plus it’s full of antioxidants (of course in moderation) I love to mix it with collagen and I also have incorporated Ashwagandha not long ago, which helps me in how I feel. With my breakfast, I always take my zinc, probiotics, fish oil and vitamin A.

Before I eat I like to have a glass of water, followed with my glow shot from The Beauty Chef that has made a massive difference on the way my skin looks, I’ve been taking it for more than a year and I think I’m truly obsessed with this product.

I try to keep my morning routine simple, usually, I don’t clean my skin in the morning, I just wash my face with water and I like to use my always favourite Face Halo to remove any impurities. I like to put some vitamin B on my skin first thing, The vitamin B from Synergie contains 13% of the active ingredients, it helps me with excess sebum and pigmentation, it also leaves my skin with more luminosity which I love!

Five minutes later, I smooth my face cream (The five minutes is so the vitamin B gets some time to work before I apply something on top) My favourite face cream at the moment is by Alpha-h, The Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser with SPF15, it’s nourishing it but doesn’t breakout and it sinks right in your pores. Then, my skin is ready for the SPF (Even though my face cream has it I like to apply my mineral SPF from Mesoestetic on top) Some dermatologist recommend to do it as a first step however, I like to put my vitamin B and some hydration first.

After my skin is ready, I do a very little makeup if I don’t have any event or an important meeting, I do my brows (Can't not leave the door without my brows done), lashes and lips-cheeks tint and that’s all! I like to keep my skin makeup-free as much as I can, then based on my schedule I select my outfit for the day, pack my gear clothes for my Reformer Pilates class after work -as It helps me a lot to clear my mind after a busy day- and out the door ready to go!

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