Welcome to our Favourites of the month — once again, beauty junkies Ana, Belen, have put together a monthly roundup of review products and undisputed favourites worth adding to your online cart ASAP. From wellness to skincare finds, here are some of the beauty products these girls can’t stop talking about.

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ANA’s Favourite Beauty Products

beauty products
beauty products beauty products beauty products

DMK, Herb & Mineral Mist

Lately, my skin is feeling dull and dry. In an age obsessed with youthful, glowing skin you can understand my frustration but I must say I am impressed with the product. I have tried many face mist to achieve this natural dewy skin on many occasions and love that this one is so gentle, and is recommended to spray 4-5 times over your oils and creams before massaging them into the skin. The mere 80ml bottle of its key yet natural ingredients is all I need. Perhaps the best thing about the product is the size. You can easily slip it into your handbag and in no time you can achieve that dewy glow or refresh and revive. Oh, and the smell, it helps wake up my senses too.

beauty products
beauty products beauty products beauty products

Aesthetics Rx, Fruit Enzyme Mask

I know face masks can do way more for me than make my skin glow. That’s obviously their main draw, but please name other skin-care items that pairs as well with a glass of wine, a bubble bath, or the latest episode of Emily in Paris? There’s incredible comfort in taking those minutes to yourself to pop on a mask or bask in a soothing cream.

However, you can’t really test a face mask before you buy it right?—and the options on shelves are countless —so it’s hard to know what’s actually worth your money. I almost expect every face mask to blow my mind, which the Fruit Enzyme Mask does. Its soft gel-like texture is pure luxe from the instant it hits your skin, and the fragrance from the Papaya and the botanical ingredients are so soothing that I could literally feel my anxiety drop—just from how it smells when you apply it. It does tingle a little bit at the beginning but then it goes away, and the best part? Every time I use it, redness is reduced, my skin tone is even, and I’m left glowing like never before. 

beauty products

Aveda, Comforting Tea

A soothing, certified organic, caffeine-free herbal infusion—with licorice root and peppermint—calms your senses, promoting a mood of well-being.

Every time I’m feeling stressed, tired, or even hungry, It’s not uncommon to go for a cuppa. Must I say, I am a tea lover! Having the chance to try this tea, now there’s no way to come back, I love the fact that the Aveda comforting tea is caffeine-free and certified organic. All you need is one teaspoon in a tea strainer and that’s it, the brew is truly delicious. The liquorice smell and flavour are dominant, so if you are not a liquorice fan probably this one won’t be for you, as the flavour is a real, strong, herbal infusion that makes me feel so comforting.

Sure, the almost $40 price tag seems steep to many people (me included) but keep in mind that the bottle will last you a while. 

BELEN’s Favourite Beauty Products

beauty products
beauty products beauty products

Officine Universelle Buly, Eau Triple Damask Rose Perfume

Scent, the one we all want but nobody seems to get it right, for me is quite a particular one, to fell in love with it and keep using it as a sign of identity I feel you need something that only smells good to you but also, it reflects your character and mood, we all know there are some we might feel a bit down and that’s when a floral uplifting scent is perfect to uplift your mood or a night when you just want to feel comfy on your skin but sexy and desirable at the same time, for me that’s the definition of a well-blended perfume. 

On days when I want to feel I can take the world by storm, the Eau Triple Rosé De Damas is my go-to scent undoubtedly, a woody-floral mix that makes my nostrils dance is a pretty good sign this water-based perfume is for me. I’ve always loved floral notes (I might not look like that but I’m quite a romantic)

It looks luxuriously pleasing on my night table which gives it a plus of approval when you look at the price, comfy to say the packaging, the clean formula, and the scent speak for themselves!

beauty products
beauty products beauty products

Davines, More Inside, This is a Curl Building Serum

I remember when I used to not give a f* about my curls, they were frizzy, dull, and not defined at all, things you should avoid with these hair types, I learned that the hard way. But, the good news is that nowadays my hair takes as much attention as my skincare routine. 

Thanks to my curly and dry hair I only tend to wash my hair once a week, but when I do it, a whole ritual begins, from shampoo, conditioner, mask, and so on, the latest adding to my haircare routine is this curl building serum, yes I know a serum for your hair? Keep reading and you’ll understand why. After I wash my hair, I go deep with this creamy formula that gives me and my beloved curls the boost of hydration it needs, flexibility, elasticity, and list the goes on. Plus it’s vegan friendly and without parabens. Honestly, could we ask something else for the bounciest hair ever?

beauty products

Grown Alchemist, Body Treatment Oil, Ylang Ylang, Tamanu, Omega 7

There is this common belief that people don’t use a cream or oil for their body after showering, not sure if it’s because they forgot or because they don’t like to, but for me is completely the opposite of my favorite part of the showering process is when I get out and slather my legs with a hydrating goodie. Been using the Grown Alchemist, Body Treatment Oil, Ylang Ylang, Tamanu, Omega 7 for the last month almost everyday religiously has made this process even more enjoyable.

In case you were wondering about it, anything with a botanical scent I’m in for the trick, and this Ylang Ylang blend couldn’t be less, not a surprise if you are familiar with the Grown Alchemist range, biological beauty at its most divine, and refined perspective. Why I love this treatment oil is that it doesn’t just smell incredible but it also leaves your skin soft and hydrated like a babe. These days I feel like I could bathe myself into it and never get tired of it.

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