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Zara Edited, when Monogram became Mainstream

Rumours have been knocking the fast-fashion giant doors and finally this week came to a reality. Zara is now offering unique and personalised products through its online site and stores in selected countries.

A 28-piece range that includes items for women (TRF), men and kids. Not only the pieces are sustainably made, (an organic cotton blend) but they’re customisable. Zara lovers can choose to embroider one word up to nine letters long in various fonts, thread colours and locations on the piece.

The Zara Edited Collection is for the moment a pilot strategy available online and, in stores in the U.S., Spain, Canada, UK, the Netherlands and Italy, a phenomenon that we are praying to arrive down under ASAP, in the meantime take advantage of your friends vacationing in either the Euro Summer or the Americas.

We are highly focused on making clothes in a responsible, sustainable way, that limits the impact on the environment and which challenges ourselves to continually work as hard as we can to improve how we manufacture. It’s something that we all feel really passionately about as individuals, as well as in a work capacity.

Said Marta Ortega, daughter of Inditex Founder, Amancio Ortega on the launch of this exciting and new initiative.

One of their proudest goals within 5 years is to only use sustainable fabrics in all collections by 2025, and looks like The Edited one is the perfect starting point.

At CF we can't wait to have our monogrammed garments ready to kick off the new season.

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