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Styling tips to Upgrade your Shelfie game

It’s not new that the shelfie trend has gained momentum once again and as it may sound simple, there's an art behind on how to display your adored possessions if you want them to work as nice as you are thinking of. Whether vertically, in horizontal stacks, or a combination of both, we want to show you how to achieve the right visual pattern for your shelf.

We need to keep in mind different factors like size, colour, subjects and of course the shelf itself. It’s not about having it all be so “perfect” that no one wants to touch it - it’s more about the right balance of making them look good but also enjoyable.

Pick the Right Bookshelf

Even though the style and size are important factors to consider, you also need to think about brands, material, installation, etc …. Koala has recently launched their living range with great bookshelf options. The Koala Bookshelf is available in 3 sizes: Tall and Wide, Tall and Narrow, and Short and Wide. It's made using PEFC certified timber you can admire your styled bookshelf knowing that it's made entirely using sustainably sourced materials. Plus you get free 4 hour delivery, and a 120 night trial!

If you want to get your hands on the Koala Bookshelf, or any of their other products, use our code MATESWITHCAVIARFEELINGS for 10% off anything!

Mixed Objects

Use a mix of objects and colours to add more contrast, texture and scale to your shelf by making your skating appear effortless. Deco objects like boxes, baskets, bowls and of course flowers are always great options to add.


Most of the people forget to style their bookshelf with artwork which I personally think that could be a mistake, as a small/medium frame or even a large piece from the edges of the shelves will make your room look more stylish.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Sometimes is a good idea to take time and think about the colour panel you want to run through the shelves as it’ll make everything more cohesive and better looking.

Layer Things

Use something tall, something small, something stacked and create a nice-looking focal point as a whole. Using deco objects together to create a whole piece or set is way better than having 2 or 3 items separated.

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