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Favourites of the month: January

Updated: Feb 4

It's our fave time of the month, that time when we look back and collect all the goodies this month has left us with just one purpose to fulfil your beauty shelves once again. Keep reading to know what we loved and can't live without at the moment.

Ana's Faves

ZitSticka - KILLA™ KIT

An easy and effective two-step system perfect to help to clear those non-welcomes blemishes. The package comes with all you need to say bye to our new friends. I start with the salicylic acid, tea tree and vitamin E wipes that help to gently clean and exfoliate the skin before I apply the almost-invisible sticker. It has minuscule microdots on the sticky side that deliver salicylic acid, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and much more that get deep into the skin. I can’t love more these ingenious stickers as they are not just so discreet (I even wear them sometimes while I'm at work.) also they are SO effective and quick, perfect to get rid of those pimples on 24h.

E.S.K - Evidence Skincare

As one of the most widely talked about anti-ageing ingredients, vitamin A can also be the most confusing! Undergoing numerous conversions on the skin to become retinoic acid – the stuff that makes our skin look and feel younger – the industry is flooded with vitamin A derivatives promising to turn back the hands of time. One of these ingredients is retinal – not to be confused with retinol – which is the third stage in the retinoic acid conversion process and is proven to treat wrinkles and fine lines, remove texture and unwanted pigmentation, and increase the production of collagen for that IG-worthy glow. Having tried the retinal-based evening serum, Ultimate A+, by E.S.K Evidence Skincare nightly for two months, my skin not only looks better but is transformed into a clearer and smoother version of itself. Although I experienced some redness, the serum was great for my oily skin type and also helped combat those pesky blemishes. Overall, this product makes me look bright, awake and radiant.

Belen Fave's

Clemence Organics - Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion

I'm always keen to try new products to nourish my skin and make it look brighter and smoother although sometimes my acne prone skin has it ups and downs, last few weeks I could proudly say that I'm having it under control. My go-to moisturiser, plus it contains a level of zinc oxide designed to meet SPF 15 standards, meaning it’s perfect for daily use, even in summer days, although I always put some extra 50SPF on top just in case, in a country like Australia where the UV is so high, sun-care protection is never enough. It also spreads on an invisible barrier to perfectly blend with your skin tone. I love to its smell in the morning as it also quite botanical and put my mind on a zen state of mood ready to take over the day.

Silk oil of Morocco - Argan Curl Crème

Texture and defined curls that's all I want from a hair styling product to be, since I started to embrace my natural hair I've testing few styling products without the best luck til this creamy gem popped into my hair ritual. I use it after showering, normally I only wash my hair twice a week, and I know it could seem like nothing at all but as a curly girl you know what I'm saying. After I towel dry my hair, I'm putting as much as necessary of this goodie on me and the results are people commenting on how good my hair is looking each time I use it... a mere coincidence? I don't think so.

A light-weight formula enriched with more than argan; shea butter, Australian macadamia, sunflower seed oils, aloe vera and evening primrose oil. Looking like a perfect blend for shinny ringlets.

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