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Chill Out And De-Stress, Your New 2020 Mantra

Updated: Jan 13

Nowadays we are more and more used to hear the word stress and almost everyone, have experienced stress a few times in their lives. Stress can bring along issues like headaches, heart problems, skin conditions, depression, anxiety and much more. It can be hard to find ways to make it go away, especially if you don’t find the main reason that is causing this. There is not a magic pill that makes it goes away, however, we wanted to share with you different tips that might help you to keep calm and carry on!

Add Essential Oils in your daily routine

If you are one of those who are into yoga, meditation, run, ashwagandha, baths, and oils… (If you are not, give it a try and enjoy the journey…) Adding essential oils just before bed and giving yourself a little conscious massage can be a game-changer, especially because it helps to sleep with a nice and happier sensation.

This beyond-gorgeous bottle of oil from Asriq is a great option to add on your new (or existing) routine. It’s made with only the purest oils as Exotic Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, vitamin E and more in a blend ready to go directly on the skin.

Whether the calming effect or the beauty of the ritual (Not just the prettiness of the packaging also the smell) this ultra-moisturizing and wildly luxe to the touch, leaves your skin more glowy and your life a bit more pleasant.

Warm Cuppa

Drink more herbal tea and less coffee, and turn a casual break into the space to relax your brain and soul.


We know when you have a look to your to-do list, find the time to do “nothing” is sometimes complicated, what you need to remind to yourself is that this time will be rewarding to your soul. Taking 3 minutes to meditate will keep you calm and with your stress levels reduced.

  • The Method?

Go for a quiet place where you feel comfy with, take a few slow breaths, inhaling and exhaling in the calmest and smoothly way and repeat beautiful and nice compliments to yourself on a gentle concentration and genuine feeling.


Ashwagandha has enormous benefits for stress, anxiety, memory, etc, and it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine to promote health and revitalize the body. The suggested serving is half of a teaspoon in water, smoothie, tea… and you’ll feel the calming effect straight away, it is perfect to drink just before bed during a few weeks to find the equilibrium.

Take a break from Social Media

We are constantly bombarded by technology and we find ourselves comparing our behind-the-scenes lives to the highlights from others. If you are feeling that the stress is taking over you, the best thing you can do for your mind and body is to take a break from social media, (I’m not saying to completely disconnect as nowadays it could be a bit hard) but take few minutes per day when you won’t be available online and just try to be present with yourself and the other ones around you.

Masking yourself

Reconnect with your self-care and smooth on a beautifully clean face mask, whether you are feeling a bit tired or not at your best, masking to get a good start in the morning or to finish a relax in-door evening of beauty.

Feel the Nature

Having an easy plan and spending time with nature can help to reduce stress and anxiety while boosting the feeling of happiness and wellbeing. It doesn't need to be complicated, far away or expensive, go just for an easy walk to the beach or the mountain with people you love or just enjoy with yourself a good ME-moment.

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