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3 Organic Chocolate Brands you Need to Know to Indulge Yourself During Chocolate World Day

What better on a wintery Sunday that stay at home, at the warm of a chimney celebrating World Chocolate Day? We couldn't find any better option neither.

Get to know, the top 3 Organic Chocolate brands to indulge yourself and staying true to your weekly beliefs.

Gaia Tree

The Blind Dates recipe is my own which I perfected over many months. I wanted to create something healthy and not in "low calorie but highly processed" sort of way but instead in a wholesome, true-to-nature kind of way- this is why I chose ingredients that are unprocessed and unrefined. I think its better to eat food as close to its original and natural state as possible so that you enjoy all of its nutritional benefits. Says Gaia, founder of Gaia Tree.

There's one flavour for each personality: Choc Cardamom, Rose Berry, Banana Chai and Orange Ginger, will led you to a sensation of heavenly sweets.

Loco Love

To me, it’s all about flavour. I want to eat healthy chocolates that taste as good as less healthy alternatives, so we blend traditional methods with super high quality ingredients. At the end of the day, each Loco Love creation has to taste like chocolate. Emica Penklis, Founder.

Hazelnut praline, coconut cashew, peanut butter caramel and wild rose ganache are some of their non-ordinary creations, with Peruvian Criollo cacao beans from small organic and sustainable farms that we'll take you higher than ever imagined.

Pana Organic

Every touch point needs to be an experience because when I started Pana Chocolate, it wasn't just about creating another product for the mass consumer. It was a brand experience. Using recycled packaging is important to me but it’s also about the feel of the box when you hold it. And then having a message imprinted on the actual chocolate – either "Love the Earth" or "Love your inside" – are words that mean everything to me and just complete the whole experience. Pana Barbounis, Founder.

Coconut & Goji, Strawberry & Pistachio, Cinnamon and Rose are some of the consciousness elaborations that will get you chocolohic if you're not one of us yet.

We cheer up for the healthy dairy free chocolate hitting our shelves.


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