Welcome to the CF lifestyle.


A fresh online destination, for uncovering the latest trends in fashion, beauty and living. 

The Caviar Feeling lifestyle offers a unique combination of advantages that are unmatched in the industry. 


Our mission is to educate and inspire not just people but also brands to make you part of the CF lifestyle.


We differentiate ourselves by offering a unique editorial line, variety in content, knowledgeable insights, and a stronger focus on luxe and sustainable ingredients with an always up to date mission.


Our content is fresh and wellbeing directed and made with evident love and passion. With a unique identity and way of doing things and make them real.

Our business is a collaboration between two good friends:

Ana Freitas and Belen Arce. We haven’t bothered with job titles.

Both Advertising and PR professionals.

Fashion lovers and Beauty junkies by heart.


We met the first at the college dorm and became fast friends. Our initially only semi-serious brainstorming on potential opportunities to work together resulted, after a couple of false starts, in the initial plan for this business.

Belen Arce 

Co-Founder & Managing Editor  

Belen is a Coolhunter who loves self expression through fashion and a Green Foodie by choice, she loves her morning meditation and focuses on the editorial spectre, with the non glamorous behind the scenes.

Ana Freitas

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Ana is a Beauty Junkie since she was on diapers, a chic and classy girl. You'll find her buying goodies online or as an early bird at Pilates, she covers all the creative part as well as the communications expertise.

Hayley Petrov

Editoral Assistant 

 Hayley is an Advertising Buff turned Fashion Guru. Combining her knowledge and passion for the industry, she is now educating others on the power of Fashion as Editorial Assistant at Caviar Feeling.

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Caviar Feeling